The #1 reason you’re stuck

Author James Clear struck a chord with me when he asked:

“Am I doing this for Present Me, or Future Me?”

And that’s a great question to run against everything you do.

For Present Me: 

  • Just one more binge-episode to watch, then season’s done
  • Ooh…what a nice link to this other website from that website
  • Let’s search for the best price for this shiny gadget I don’t really need
  • I’m going to coach this person for free because she’s struggling and I can help
  • I’ll just stay in bed today as I have no client appointments booked and it’s warm in here

For Future Me:

  • I’ll practice my copywriting by posting three times a day on Facebook
  • Just one more module, then this programme’s ready to launch
  • Let’s launch it anyway, and see who buys it before it’s ready!
  • I’ve invited 25 ideal future clients to join my network today
  • I respect my work so much that I’ll never work for free


PS – What have you done this week, and which ME were you serving when you did it? 

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