The #1 Sales Hack

I don’t regard myself as any good at selling, in the old-fashioned, “hairy closer” sense of the word. 

Never have I twisted an arm, talked the hind legs off a donkey, or sold sand to an Arab.

In fact, some of the ideas we’ve come up with in our Client Attraction Blueprint sessions recently seem like the OPPOSITE of hard sell, but they are getting fabulous results:

  • Artists are asking potential purchasers “Where would you hang this picture in your house?”
  • Life coaches are asking their clients, “if we worked together, what would your dream result be?”
  • Therapists ask, “What would it be worth to feel like your old self again?”
  • Business consultants enquire, “How would an extra £50k on your bottom line change your life?”
  • PTs say, “If you were back to your ideal weight, what could you do that you can’t do now?”

When you put your client into their perfect future, you create the perfect environment for them to buy from you NOW.

Then you’ll feel like the best salesperson in the world. 


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