The #1 success trait

As Rich Litvin reminded me yesterday:

Results are always out of your control. But commitment. That’s on you.

And in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, this means detaching yourself from outcomes and focusing on your inputs.

  • Clinically selecting 10 people a day to connect with on LinkedIn
  • Sending 10 “Friend” (lol) requests from your Facebook profile
  • Posting a question about a topic on your ICA’s mind every morning
  • Starting a Messenger or LinkedIn DM conversation with two “new” people
  • Inviting one-a-day onto a video conversation to see if you can help them

Those are just five possible inputs, and there are a few others. Not hundreds though, and that’s why building your business might be simpler than you’re making it seem.

I can’t promise what results you’ll get, and neither can you. But there is one thing I can promise you:

Without commitment to consistent inputs, there can only be one result.

And you don’t need me to spell F-A-I-L-U-R-E, do you?

Oh, I just did.

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