The Art Of Begging (Or even just asking)

I spotted a chap on the beach in Tenerife last week asking passers-by for money.

Instead of saying “you have any money please?”, he asked a much smarter question:

“You have any coins? Just one euro please.”

And you know what?

He had a box in front of him with at least a hundred coins in.

People were chucking them at him like crazy.


1: When you ask someone to do something, be specific so they don’t have to make too many decisions. This guy gave us a yes/no alternative on whether we had a euro or not.

2: Cap your first call-to-action as a micro-commitment like the “one-euro” idea. In your biz, don’t ask them to book an appointment, email you or sign up for a programme.

Those things are way too difficult and intimidating. Offer them something appealing if they comment on your post, for example.

The big ask can come later.

3: Catch people when they’re happy. On a beach, pretty much everyone is. Decide where your ideal clients hang out for entertainment and information and go hang out with them.

You’re not a beggar, but like this guy, your job is to sell yourself smartly, each and every day.

Love you lots

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