The Book

Jonny Hates Marketing

While you’ve been doing your good stuff, I’ve been writing my first book.

It’s called Jonny Hates Marketing – 99 Ways To Get You Ideal Clients Chasing You Without Working Like A Dog

Catchy, eh?

And, it’s almost ready for final edits and proofing.

Fancy helping in return for a slew of bribes?

I’m looking for 5 Success Party members who’ll each take 20{87a57dffff3f15402708bd6d4fa6cb73125da737a01ee576ca36cfcfa083af5b} of the book draft, and feedback to make it read better, sharper (likely) and correct any typos (less likely)

In return:

  • I’ll post you a signed, printed copy of the book
  • You’ll get a free invite to my next LinkedIn Masterclass worth £97
  • You’ll get a year’s membership to the Success Party Inner Circle, launching soon, worth £297

Reply with “I’ll Help, Jonny!” and I’ll get you in the frame.

Thanks in advance!


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