The children’s secret to making money

Remember the first day of a new school term, when you’d get the timetable for the weeks ahead?

The big chiefs created a curriculum, which told you:

  • When you had to show up
  • Where you had to be
  • What they were going to teach you
  • Who else was learning along with you

This created order, and made progression possible. 

Imagine if it had been set up like this:

  • You could come in whenever you wanted
  • The teacher worked with you alone
  • You told them what you wanted to learn about
  • They didn’t ask you to come in again after you’d had one lesson

The education system would descend into chaos, madness and zero-impact, right?

In your 21st century coaching business, if you’re trying to make a living selling 1-2-1 sessions with a vague promise of some outcome or other, then you’ve got some tough work ahead of you.

Set your curriculum, corral your pupils into groups, and get started on the new term.

There’s today’s lesson.

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