The fortune on your doorstep

Internet multi-millionaire Russell Brunson describes the only two reasons why your existing clients will stop buying from you:

  1. You do something to offend them, or
  2. You stop selling to them

We’re talking about people who’ve paid you for your services at one time or another.

And we’re talking about them because they’re the people most likely to buy from you again.

Here’s some ideas for things to offer them:

  • A reminder programme to top-up what you already showed them
  • A monthly membership club to offer continuous value and community
  • A more advanced VIP/Mastermind to take them to the next level
  • A variation of what they bought before, heading in a slightly different direction
  • 1-2-1 support, tailored to exactly what they need right now

You can probably think of a load more, but you get the idea.

In your haste to farm the great outdoors for your next brand-new sales, don’t ignore the fortune sitting on your doorstep.

There are no former clients.

They’re all just clients.


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