The keys to the kingdom

🤑 Do you feel uncomfortable trying to make the sale?
🤑 Does the idea of asking for money fill you with dread?
🤑 Do you wonder how to get paid properly for what you know?

We will be answering all these questions and more in a mini-sales summit today at 15.00UK, exclusively in the Members-Only Secret Session.

It’s no secret that coaches and therapists who find their mojo in selling are having the most impact on their clients, and are making the most money.

And of course, without optimising your sales skills, you have a very leaky bucket.

All your hard work in building relationships with your ideal clients is worth nothing unless they actually become PAYING clients.

So, today at 3PM UK, you can join us for an hour of insights, interaction and impact on this MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC.

This is the kind of stuff we do every week to make sure our Private Members Club gets the very best support, advice and actionable insights in the whole industry.

To get access to the Secret Session today and finally nail the art of revenue creation in your business, grab your 7-day trial to the PMC immediately for just £7.


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