The New Normal

Ace marketeer Taylor Welch talks about the process of “normalization” (that’s how they spell it in ‘Merica), where an entrepreneur growing a business quickly gets used to a new level of revenue, profit and prosperity, even if it seemed like a distant dream in the recent past.

I can vouch for that too, having grown over a dozen businesses in my career so far, including one to an eight-figure annual revenue. We knew a couple of people who were astoundingly successful in the same sector, and realised we could do it too.

As we burst through £100k, then £1M on our way to £10M, I remember how, after briefly celebrating each new benchmark, we simply carried on doing what we’d been doing and pushing ever further ahead.

The point of this story for any coaches, trainers, therapists and consultants building a practice in 2018 is simple:

Surround yourself with people who are orders of magnitude more successful than you, so you get a taste for what “normal” feels like to them. 

Soon, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable with where YOU are and have no choice but to emulate what THEY’RE doing.

Try it – you’ll be surprised how normal that feels!


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