The Next Quarter

Q2 2018

Today’s the first day of Q2 2018 for most people in the UK, having been hamstrung – sorry, blessed – with not one, but two Bank Holidays over the course of the last 4 days.

Anyway, back we are, and we’re on the starting blocks for the sprint to halfway in this seminal year.

Why is 2018 so special?

  • Only two years till we’re in the 2020s
  • More opportunities to succeed than ever before
  • More free tools, connectivity and communications than ever before
  • Facebook needs to start showing us some love – I’ll tell you how and why on my next Masterclass
  • The world appetite for coaching, therapy and training is enormous and expanding
  • Fewer wars and more yearning for peace and enlightenment than we’re ever known
  • Interest rates are still low, low, low – great if you have a mortgage!
  • You’re alive, aren’t you?

In summary, (and to reverse-paraphrase Frank Sinatra) if you can’t make it here and now, you can’t make it anywhere, anytime. 

Why is it then, that so many coaches and therapists struggle to make ends meet?

Why are the majority of transformation professionals failing miserably to earn even a modest living?

Why do most heart-centered entrepreneurs never get paid what their inspirational work and impact is worth?

It’s simple:

Even at this wonderful point in history, sailing in calm, perfect conditions, they simply haven’t cracked the code of client attraction.

In fact, it’s with all that in mind – the need to succeed right now, right here – that I’ve built the Client Attraction Blueprint to help you find your ideal clients, in abundance, and without paying a PENNY for advertising.

Over 90 days, we’ll meet face-to-face 12 times via Zoom (like Skype but not rubbish) and I’ll show you every element of what it takes to build a thriving practice in the twenty-teens.

Let me help you make Q2 2018 the three months that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

>> Click here to book a call and discuss your suitability for the Client Attraction Blueprint <<


PS – As it’s SUCH an important time, I’ve got a special post-Easter BONUS worth £300 for the FIRST two people to click this link and register for a call to discuss the Client Attraction Blueprint. GO!!!
PPS – The picture? A 2018 Q2, of course.

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