The noise that’s killing you

You know when you’re trying to focus on something, and there’s a hub-hub in your head that stops you concentrating? 

Psychologists call that racket your Unconstructive Repetitive Thoughts, or URTs.

It’s a common affliction, but don’t take comfort in that.

If you allow your URTs room to breathe and develop, they can consume you, leading to procrastination, stress, and complete overwhelm.

When you hear the deafening roar of this negative beast, you’ll need to take swift action to quell it.

So, take a pen and paper and write down all the stuff that’s bugging you.

Then, sit quietly and contemplate your list, grading your problems on the following scale:

  1. Solvable immediately – so do it
  2. Solvable later – so make a plan
  3. Unsolvable – so cross it through and forget it

The cathartic effect of that logical exercise is to turn down the volume of the URTs between your ears.

If not to zero, at least to the level where you can get something useful done.


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