The one line that nearly killed me

Back in 2012, I was looking to reset my life.

Worn out from serving a rag-bag of businesses with general consultancy, I determined to specialise.

Reinvention as a soon-to-be renowned marketing expert was in my mind.

Then a friend threw a spanner in the works.

He told me, Jonny – you have so many skills.

You can do ANYTHING!

Taking him at face value, I built a hugely complex programme to provide marketing training for any kind of business, selling anything to anybody.

And he was RIGHT – I could do “anything”.

But he was also WRONG.

Just because you could do anything doesn’t mean you should


Nobody believed my miracle solution to ALL their marketing woes.

They didn’t believe I could serve their dog-food business and the dentist next-door.

And soon, I was back to where I was, serving a rag-bag of clients with nothing in particular.

It took me another 5 years to dig my way out of that hole, and turn the tanker around.

And here I am, happy, focused, niched and on my way to another 7-figure business.

Big lesson: The freedom to do anything isn’t permission to do EVERYTHING. 

Pick. One. Thing.


PS – Did you see the stuff about the FB Groups Sales Challenge, starting Monday? It’s free to register, so maybe you should. 

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