The ONE skill you need, right now

In the chaotic, noisy world you inhabit as a 21st century online coach or therapist, there’s one core skill you need in your toolbox.

And it’s a skill you should be practicing every day – sharpening, honing and optimising like a ninja warrior preparing for battle.

In fact, it’s so foundational you could almost abandon work on everything else you’re doing today, just to focus on this one thing.

“So what is it, Jonny?”

OK, I’ll tell yuz.

The #1 skill to focus almost all your energy on today and every day is:

“The ability to start a purposeful conversation with someone who looks like your next ideal client.”

Because this moves you just a short hop away from getting paid, it stands alone from other stuff you might be doing:

Making videos
Creating websites
Building a following

All those things are no more than supporting infrastructure, giving you the ability to do the ONE thing that really counts.

So at the very least, while you’re faffing around with the airy persiflage, do this:

Carve out 10 minutes, and message 2 people in your social realm who look like they could use you help.

It’ll be the best 10 minutes of your day.


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