The only 2 reasons you didn’t make a sale

Although people will spin you a variety of inventive excuses for not joining your programme or course, there are only two reasons they didn’t buy. 

REASON #1: Money

They don’t agree with your idea that spending their money on your idea is a good idea. Get the idea? OR, rarely – they don’t have any money.

SOLUTION: Get better at matching your offer to their needs and wants. Also, avoid spending time with broke people. 

REASON #2: Time

They’ve got so much head-trash swirling around, they think they can’t find time to do the work your programme entails. OR, rarely – they have other, unavoidable commitments they can’t postpone.

SOLUTION: Talk about the speed and elegance of your offer, emphasising how working with you will actually save them time in the future. Also, avoid spending time with people who have so much essential work to do they won’t have a minute to devote to you.   

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