The Only Thing That Counts


You’re pretty-much broke.

Your credit cards are maxed out like Apple’s order books on iPhone launch morning.

The last time you were able to make a mortgage payment was so long ago, they faxed you a receipt for it.

The bank calls you in for a “chat”, and some pasty-faced undergraduate asks for the state of your affairs.

Well, you say…

Yea me! My FB Group has grown by 85 members this month
Hooray! My email open rate is nigh-on 30%
Kudos! My new programme is finally finished after 8 months of construction
OMG! My all-singing-dancing website launches a week-on-Thursday, if we hit no snags
Guess what? I got 113 likes on my last post!

“Awesome!” says undergrad, “I have some great news for you!

The bank has started counting social engagement metrics against mortgage arrears.

And that smashing new website just cleared your credit card debt!

You don’t owe us a penny…”

Then you wake up. 

What a crazy dream…daft as a brush without a handle. Or bristles.

Completely ridiculous.

Yep, you were so busy doing that other stuff, you forgot to make any sales!!


Of course, it was just a dream, right? 


PS – I’m going to start doing a monthly pop-up masterclass. First one in November. What single topic would you like to hear about? 

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