The Perfect System, right here

Super-coach Rich Litvin just reminded me of an old adage I first heard from a mentor of mine years ago:

“The results you get are perfect for the system you created” 

In other words, your universe is unfolding as it should, given the circumstances you’ve engineered.

Some examples:

  • You’re trying to appeal to everyone, so you’ll perfectly appeal to no-one
  • You habitually undercharge people, so you’ll be perfectly broke most of your life
  • You overeat and under-exercise, so you’ll be perfectly unfit all the time you do that
  • You refuse to invest in a mentor or coach, so you’ll be swimming round in perfect little circles
  • You believe money will buy you happiness, so you’ll be perfectly unhappy while you’re seeking it

I could go on, but you get the point. 

Very little happens by chance.

The bad stuff, the good stuff and everything in between.

It was all your idea to start with. 

Love you lots

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