The Process Deepens

I’ve always been one for systemising my business – creating processes and then sticking to them. I find it just makes everything so much easier and stops my days descending into chaos.

Processes are like micro-business plans that let you know what you should be doing at every turn. Just this week, I’ve restructured my working week to give even more order, and improve my processes still further.

Here’s a sneak preview of what my calendar will look like from now on:

>Monday AM: Reading and Learning – Books, Courses, Cheat Sheets, Blueprints…etc etc
>Monday PM: Creating coaching materials and programmes

>Tuesday AM: Reaching out to affiliates, JV partners, advocates and booking show guests
>Tuesday PM: The Jonny Hates Marketing Marketing Show LIVE on FB

>Wednesday: 1-2-1 coaching and Group Coaching

>Thursday AM: Creating coaching materials and programmes
>Thursday PM: The Jonny Hates Marketing Chat Show LIVE on FB

>Friday AM: Scheduling social posts for the following week
>Friday PM: OFF!!!

In case you’re wondering, I create the Daily Brain Tattoos in “Pre-Morning” Sessions each day from 6.30-7.30 am.

Also, each of those sessions includes “flexi-time” for breaks, meals, ad-hoc video calls and responding to emails, messages and social communications.

It’s a coaching business, not the army…


PS – If you want to guest on either of my two weekly live shows, drop me a note and we can talk.
PPS – If you want to learn how to turn a FB Group into an inbound marketing machine, I’m doing a LIVE FB Group Masterclass next week on Thursday the 1st March from 1pm – 4pm. Here are the joining details. Very limited places. 

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