The secret hack to mastering Facebook

Like all social media platforms, Facebook has its cardinal rules. 

The dos and don’ts.

The nuances that’ll put you in the driving seat with your foot on the gas instead of lolling about as a hapless, screaming passenger.

Yes, FB has a secret formula maximising reach and engagement.

Trouble is, it’s called The Algorithm.

And it’s very secret.

So, you have to spend months or even years figuring it out. 

Which costs money, and much more valuable time.

The secret hack?

Learn off someone who’s already figured it out. 

I’ve devoted 12 hours a day since 2017 raking through post after post to see what works best.

Playing with timings.

Experimenting with offers, videos, images, formatting and every other variation you could imagine.

Now the JHM Group gets triple-figure engagement every day.

Want me to lift the lid on everything I know, so you can use it too, starting right away? 

You’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m launching the February Facebook Groups Sales Challenge on the 3rd – next Monday.

It’s free to join, and from the 3rd – 7th, you’ll get one golden tip a day which will help you master Facebook Groups, build your own thriving community, and earn £10k plus every month.

All you need to do now:

Register for the Facebook Groups Sales Challenge by replying “FGSC” to this email. 

The rest will fall magically into place.


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