The secret to endless content

Whenever I’m asked to speak at an event, guest on a podcast or contribute to a blog, there’s never any doubt what I’ll be talking about.

The Three Pillars of Client Attraction are so entrenched in my thinking, my ethos and my business that some version, variation or application of them is always on the agenda.

That’s because I’m absolutely clear that those things are fundamental to the success of any coaching, therapy, training or consultancy business.

And gaining that clarity about your offering to your clients is central to your success too.

Understanding WHAT you do, WHO it’s for and HOW you deliver it makes all these things possible:

  • You’re never stuck over creating content
  • You always have an answer when you’re asked about your zone of genius
  • You become known as an expert and authority in what you do
  • People who need what you offer are consistently drawn to you
  • It makes your life simpler, more structured and more profitable

Nailing the basics makes everything else just flow, right?


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