Ten Commandments

Check out the inspirational British life coach with the truly fabulous name of Skip Archimedes, who’s built his coaching business around “10 Commandments 4 Health”.

  1. Thou Shalt Oxygenate with Correct Exercise
  2. Thou Shalt Hydrate with Clean Water
  3. Thou Shalt Supplement Thy Diet with Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  4. Thou Shalt Eat Correctly
  5. Thou Shalt Love & Forgive
  6. Thou Shalt Live with Passion
  7. Thou Shalt Enjoy The Sun
  8. Thou Shalt Live with A Purpose
  9. Thou Shalt Educate Thyself
  10. Thou Shalt Rest and Recover

I couldn’t have said them better myself, so I’m not going to try.

Another thing you can learn from Skip is that if you’re developing a personal brand, make sure you have a memorable name!

Author: Jonny | My Ten Commandments! Well, Five. 

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