The Three Pillars Of Success

How’d you like to solve the riddle of building a thriving coaching, therapy or training business whilst meeting all your life goals too?

I’ve been hanging out with successful transformation professionals for the best part of two decades, and I’ve noticed something they all have in common.

They have mastered these three pillars, which support everything else they do.

These dictate WHAT they do, WHO they do it for, and HOW they do it.

If you want to succeed in the simplest, most direct and effortless way, the 3 Ps are what you need to master too.

1: WHAT: Understand your great gift, your ONE thing that you bring to the world. It doesn’t have to be unique, but it helps if you’ve got a unique way of presenting it, so we can easily identify you in the crowd. Your WHAT should be a holy alliance of what you CAN do, what you LOVE to do, and what you can get PAID for.

2: WHO: Knowing who your ideal clients are is a key foundational understanding, but one which is often missed. You can’t serve everyone, unless you control the global drinking water supply. For every other product and service, working out who needs it, who wants it and why is absolutely critical.

3: HOW: Only when you’ve nailed down your WHAT and your WHO can you consider building your HOW. This is your product range, your delivery method, your marketing channels, and all the associated tools, tactics and strategies that you use around them. That s**t is hard, but way harder if you try it before the other two…

Have you got your Three Pillars in place?

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