The too-narrow niche

According to business-coach Karl Bryan, 96% of small businesses will never hit $1m turnover. 

That means, if you’re going after businesses who are doing much better than that, it’s a very small pond.

Now, that’s a double edged sword, right?

Smaller market = easier to dominate.

Yes, but.

It’s way harder to find a needle in a haystack, than it is to trade in hay. 

If your core message is attractive to smaller business owners, then 96% of them are going to be turning their heads your way.

The maths sure works against you chasing the other 4% with some high-end offer, right?

And yet, there’s something to be said for working with fewer-but-wealthier clients. I get that.

My advice?

Build a high-impact, affordable solution that can help a slightly wider niche to start with.

Then, as they grow, grow with them.

You’ve a captive audience for your subsequent higher-end stuff who already trust you , and you can celebrate your accelerating success together.  


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