The Ultimate Self-Protection

My mentor and productivity guru Robin Sharma talks about the difference between a Human Being and a Human Doing.

It’s a neat little way to quickly evaluate if you’re filling your precious days just to be busy, or whether you’re building-in longevity and endurance to your life.

Here’s the test:

  • How many days have you been walking in nature this year?
  • How much time every day do you spend meditating, relaxing and dreaming?
  • What’s your daily movement routine, and do you keep to it?
  • Do you eat what’s right, or just what’s there?
  • Have you listened to your breathing today?

As Sharma says,

“I plan to be in this game a long time. And vitality is essential for longevity. So I’m protecting mine.”

Doing is great – essential even.

But don’t miss out on simply being.


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