The wrong bank account?

I learn some cool stuff from all kinds of people, all the time. 

My Membership Motivation Manager Emma Watson is a very smart millennial with a wisdom beyond her years.

I spotted her counselling one of the coaches in the JHM Facebook Group the other day.

This  person was bemoaning the lack of money around these days, and Wattie pulled her up.

“There’s no shortage of money. It’s just in the wrong bank at the moment.”

Amen to that.

And, I hope you’re working on getting the money flowing into the right bank.



PS – At the weekend, we’re going to be opening early-bird tickets for my live one-day social media workshop on the 21st March 2020 in the Midlands. To guarantee a place at the 30-person table, reply with “March 21” and I’ll make sure you get a link. 

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