These people live longer than you

Japan’s always in the top 3 countries in the world for life expectancy, and that’s a reflection of fulfilment, peace and their general approach to leading a happy life.

Not all inhabitants of the Japan archipelago are happy, presumably. 

But some of them are.

And maybe some of those are happy because they follow the principle of oubaitori – a Japanese idiom which reminds us how different trees bloom in their own time.

As a 21st century coach or therapist, this means accepting you are on your own journey through life, and therefore comparing yourself to others is futile.

You never have the full picture of anyone else’s journey, and comparison therefore only ever leads to unwarranted self-pity or vanity.

Think about some of the ways you’re measuring your success by other people’s standards:

  • Follower or engagement envy on social media
  • Financial standing – real or imagined
  • Happy family appearance
  • Fitness/wellness
  • Confidence

Now admit – you know nothing about them.

Oubaitori – every tree blooms in its own time. 

Love you lots

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