Things may never calm down

I had a newbie coach the other day remark that she wasn’t ready to invest in my Client Attraction Blueprint programme “until things calmed down a bit”.

Challenged about what that might mean, she went on:

  • She’s busy building her website
  • She’s painting her new office
  • Her accountant is setting up her new company
  • She has to call back 3 people who said they “might be interested”
  • She’s joining an online networking group and wants to see how that goes

It then emerged that she had no idea who her ideal client was, and she hadn’t thought about what her core offer might be.

So, I asked, what are you even building your website ABOUT, what are you talking to those three prospects ABOUT and what are you going to be talking ABOUT at your networking meetings? 


Are you open to the idea that things will never “calm down” till you nail those fundamentals?

I asked her, and I’m asking YOU.


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