Think about this before Xmas lunch…

A Happy, Blissful, Joyful Christmas, from the bottom of my heart. 

Now, before you tuck in to that slap-up-whatever that’s already basting in the oven, ponder on these powerful truisms:

1: 2022 worked out exactly as it should for you, given the circumstances of your environment, your mindset, and your actions. If you want 2023 to have a different outcome, change one or more of those things.

2: No generation before you got the chances you have. Universal connectivity brings opportunity unimaginable to your forefathers. Ask – “next year, how am I going to justify these glorious gifts I’ve been granted?”

3: Optimum physical and mental health is the only thing that truly matters. Improving the quality of your food, drink and air intake will extend your life and make bigger things possible. You are the centre of your universe, so worship your well-being appropriately.

Have a wonderful, fabulous day.

You’ve earned it. 

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