This guy was dishonest and dumb

Don’t you hate those sales calls that start with “I’m not here to sell you anything”?

Well if you’re not, why is your boss paying you, or why are you in business?

A coach friend of mine recently got hit on by another “coach” on LinkedIn.

“Shall we do some peer coaching sessions?”, the other guy asked.

This is where both parties coach each other as a fair exchange, with no money changing hands.

They agreed, and set up a call.

When they spoke, it was clear Mr Peer Coaching had no such generous intentions, and proceeded to pitch the hell out of my pal to buy one of his programmes.

This approach managed to be simultaneously:

🤯 Dishonest
🤯 Fruitless
🤯 Dumb

Mr Peer Coaching should have just opened with:

“I’m not sure if I can help you, but why don’t we jump on a quick call to discuss it, and see what emerges?”

He’d get fewer people saying yes, but it’s way more honest, fruitful and smart.


PS – Don’t forget to jump in and grab your 15 minutes before Xmas with me. It’ll be an honest, fruitful and smart way to explore your glorious possibilities for 2019.   

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