This looks disgusting, but

There’s an old legend about marketing pioneer Gary Halbert asking a bunch of rookies what they’d need to run a successful hamburger stand.

Most answers focused on meat quality, delicious dressing, nicely toasted buns, smart packaging or a cool brand name.

Halbert waited and dropped the ultimate truth-bomb:

“None of those things really matter if you have a starving crowd.”

Heck, people eat ground-up cow hooves, noses and assholes, dripping with rancid grease in a cardboardy bread-looking thing when they’re hungry enough.

Alright, maybe they also need to be drunk, but you get the idea.

And in your expert coaching or therapy business, honing your offering to perfection in the echo-chambers of your mind and your hard-drive doesn’t make sales any more likely.

No, the ONE THING you need right now is a crowd hungry for the change that ONLY YOU can bring them.

Work out who they are, go find them and start some conversations.

ABC – Audience Before Content.

Every time.

Love you lots

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