This will change your day

Author of Willpower Doesn’t Work, Benjamin P. Hardy, writes about how your morning habits set the tone for a successful, productive day.

Or otherwise.

Appreciating that “quick, small wins” can give a dramatic boost to your confidence, motivation and mindset, here’s some stuff to try:

  • Make. Your bed. Properly
  • Drink. A big glass of water. That cold trickle feels like a head-to-toe energy charge
  • Read. For 20 minutes BFB [Before Facebook]
  • Write. Something for your ideal client. Like this
  • Meditate. Right after waking is the best time
  • Walk. Ten minutes in the fresh morning air is all you need
  • Music. A shot of something that inspires you
  • Hug. One word: Oxytocin.

You don’t have to do all those things, and there are many more.

Building power into your day takes conscious action.

So, do SOMETHING, right?


PS – Reply to this and let me know what YOUR morning routine consists of. I’ll publish a selection and tag you in the FB Group

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