Three reasons nobody’s reading your posts

If you’re writing social media content and nobody’s engaging, there are only three possible reasons why that’s happening. The last one is a direct result of the first two, so read them first. Obvs.

1: The Audience Problem

This is your most likely dream-killer. If you haven’t identified WHOSE attention you’re trying to attract, how will anybody know it’s for them?

You have the ability to curate your networks and communities of followers across social media, so use the tools at your disposal. Eliminate the wrong people, and invite the right ones. For your sake, and theirs.

2: The Content Problem

If your writing’s unfocused, inconsistent or just plain boring, even your IDEAL readers are going to run away and never come back. Hit them between the eyes with a catchy headline, then keep them enthralled with prose that blasts off the page like a Space X rocket launch. Without the crashing to earth in flames bit.

3: The Algorithm Problem

This is the brutal payback for you missing the mark with either/both of the above. Plus random self-mutilating habits like posting external links, fake news, hateful ideas and anything going against the aims of the channel where you’re squatting.

Realise this: Social media’s a game. The rules aren’t yours, and they’re non-negotiable.

Learn the rules. Play the game to win.

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