Three reasons writing matters

Written words can carry more power than other modes of communication with your clients. 


I’ll tell ya:

1: Readers can scan across your writing to find the bit they need. That’s way harder with a video or audio recording
2: It’s easier to collect your thoughts, be concise and create impact with written words on a page or screen
3: Great writing sets you apart from the crowd, because most people don’t write so well

I’ll be opening all this up in my Persuasive Writing Masterclass LIVE today at 16.00 UK.

In the ridiculously unlikely event that you’re not registered yet, here’s one last chance: 

It’s my birthday too!

Love you lots

PS: I’ve published an all-new eBook today, called 65 Things I’ve Learned In 65 years (so far). Fancy a copy? 


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