Three Social Media Fails – Day 1

To celebrate the new month, I’m going to share three times I massively failed on social media, and how I learnt to put it right. 

Here’s the first one:

I used to post links to my blogs and videos on Facebook. 

This is such a colossal blunder, yet for months I couldn’t work out why nobody was clicking on my posts.

Then a friend with an inside line to Facebook (yes, those people exist) explained the error of my ways.

Social media companies hate people leaving their platform to go and devour content anywhere else, so they don’t show posts with external links to hardly anyone.

On Facebook, this means your organic reach is massively restricted if you slap an invite to your latest WordPress blog post or your magnificent video on TikTok or YouTube.

Solution: tease your audience with a “native” post all about your fabulous new creation, and ask them to type a keyword (blog, video, etc) in the comments so you can personally provide a link for them. 

Result: exponentially more people will see your post, plus you’ll have visibility of who’s interested so you can keep in touch and ask what they think.

So, stop posting links to external content and you’ll see an immediate uptick in engagement. 

You’re welcome.

Love you lots

PS: Watch out tomorrow for the second of the three massive social media mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have to.   

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