Time for a pat on the back?

If there’s one day a year for reflection, looking back and congratulating yourself on a job well done, it’s today.

It’s also a great day for giving thanks to those who’ve been a part of your glorious journey these last 365 days.

In JHM, the two are intertwined.

  • We couldn’t have hit a six-figure revenue in 2018 if 52 inspired coaches, therapists and trainers hadn’t registered for the Client Attraction Blueprint programme
  • The Inner Circle – launched on September 6th, my Mum’s birthday – wouldn’t exist without the 60-odd members who are committed to growing their business with our support
  • The 85 live interviews we did to the JHM Group would have fallen flat if we hadn’t had 21,000 viewers who watched them
  • And what would the JHM Facebook Group be anyway without the 4,300 members, many of whom engage, share and post regularly?
  • There’d have been no point in writing and publishing 313 Daily Brain Tattoos without the 300,000+ reads across email and social media

In short, we hit our goals and then some.

But we couldn’t have done it without YOU.

Happy New Year, and thank you. 


PS – Here’s to an exponentially bigger 2019!
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