Tried Webinars?


Have you tried using a webinar to create new clients?

It’s a complex channel with many different ways to blow it. In fact, if you’re not optimising every step of the process, you’ll inadvertently allow prospects to leak away and end up with a desolate attendance and a demoralising result.


If you follow a few simple steps, webinars can be the most amazing platform to attract your ideal clients.

1. Choose a common pain – preferably an agonising pain – suffered by your audience

eg – Uncertainty and overwhelm from all the possible social media marketing channels

2. Make a title asking them to think about how they suffer from the pain you described

“Are you exhausted trying to keep up with all the social media marketing channels?”

3. Write a simple line assuring them you know how to take away that pain

I use this one FREE platform to easily connect with all the clients I ever need

4. Make an irresistible offer for them to join the webinar and learn what you know

Let me show you exactly how to find your ideal clients effortlessly on social media

Next, select a webinar platform (Google will help you if you’re not already familiar with one) and hook it all up.

Finally, make a stunning, eye-catching page with all that ^^^ on it, and put it in front of as many people as possible, via:

  • Your email contacts
  • Your Facebook Page/Group
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Face-to-face

If you can pick a co-presenter with complementary skills, all the better. I’m running a webinar at the end of the month with a lady who’s presented dozens of webinars and made a living from them for years.

See how far you get with the process, and yell if you need a hand.


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