Want to collect something?

This guy I know collects pencil sharpeners.

God knows why, he just does. He has hundreds, of all shapes, sizes and colours.

I have an aunt who collects thimbles. As she is quite old, she’s amassed over 3,000 of them.

Another friend collects classic cars, which I can associate with more easily.

But the more I walk, drive and fly around this fabulous planet, the more I realise there’s only one thing truly worth collecting.


What’s getting me all moist-eyed about this?

Well, I landed in LA a couple of days ago – [that’s the one in California, not Luton Airport] and met some folks I haven’t seen since 2013. 

Great friends, all of them, numbering some dozen or more.

They seemed so glad to see me, I just smiled.
And we talked about some old times, and we drank ourselves some beers.
Still crazy after all these years.

So, dump the clutter, the hoarding and the worthless junk around you.

Make sure your friends collection is well curated, and gets your full attention.


PS – Thanks to writer Michael Thomson for the inspiration for this piece.
Also PS – Thanks also to Paul Simon!

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