Warning: Tough Read

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.

Many coaches and therapists seem to be posting about how crap they’re feeling.

Some admitting to complete meltdowns.

Depression, anxiety and desperation are common topics.

Some are even saying hey, it’s ok if you’re feeling like this too.

Can I just state the bleeding obvious?

You guys are supposed to be helping your clients through that stuff.

Telling the world how you’re suffering an existential crisis is not a success trait.

That doesn’t mean you have to bottle up your angst, sweep it under the carpet or paint on a clown’s smile.

We all have down days, and we all have up days.

But your clients are looking for leadership, guidance and support.

That’s true always, and especially right now.

The minimum we expect from anyone claiming any kind of expert status is that they’ve done the internal work first.

They’ve identified their fears and challenges, overcome them, and developed the means to assist others to do the same.

  • The AA van doesn’t often break down on its way to rescue you.
  • The fire engine doesn’t arrive trailing a plume of smoke and flames behind it.
  • Your personal trainer isn’t usually an overweight, chain-smoking alcoholic.
  • And the prosperous coach isn’t a self-proclaimed basket-case.

Maybe if you stop writing like that, you’ll stop feeling like that.

Jonny x

PS: I’m only telling you this because I love you. No personal criticism intended or implied.
Also PS: We’re faced with maybe the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes to build a thriving business in our profession. Would I rather have no lockdown, no public health tragedy and no economic catastrophe? Hell yes, but making lemonade from the shittiest, bitterest lemons is what we do, right?

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