Wasting time networking

I think business networking is a complete waste of time. 

Not my words, although they are now, here.

Multi-millionaire investor, writer and oft-described “most interesting man in the world” Naval Ravikant said so, slightly before me.

His thinking: surrounding yourself with random people before you’ve done anything useful is a pointless exercise.

Remember how you started out on LinkedIn, hooking up with every stranger who told you “your profile looks great, and I’m looking to build my network of people like you”  

How’s that working out?

What’s the chances those people will be any use to you once you’ve hit your stride?

Far better to make something amazing first – a career, a modality, even a programme you can call entirely your own. 

Then the people you need will come and find you.

And if you never heard of Naval Ravikant, you can say Jonny told you it’d work. 

Love you lots

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