Best-selling author Michael Hyatt talks about the perils of striving to get more and more done, like one of those mad fairground games where a new mole pops up each time you whack one down.

It’s a modern malaise that can disguise itself as the noble quest for greater efficiency and productivity.

But where that works for machines – up to a point – it hardly ever works for humans, and it’s a fact that we’re more stressed, overworked and plain burned-out than ever.

So productivity in itself isn’t always a good thing, unless it’s based on getting more done by working less – what Hyatt calls TRUE productivity.

This then opens up new freedoms, which reduce stress and make life fun:

  • The freedom to focus—where all the important work is done
  • The freedom to be present—instead of thinking about work or other things when you’re with your family.
  • The freedom to be spontaneous—to have room on your calendar for the fun and interesting opportunities that crop up.
  • The freedom to do nothing—to shrug off the unrelenting busy-ness of life and just be.

The key to that Aladdin’s cave of treasures?

Hyatt says it’s about getting things done with a specific goal in mind.

Here’s a really simple way to implement that:

Before you start a task, ask: Is this moving me closer to my goal, or is it a diversion?

If the latter, maybe you shouldn’t do it at all.

Let’s get on with it!

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