What are you going to say next?

As my pal John Holt points out, many of the world’s most engaging addictive personalities flirt with the boundaries of what’s acceptable. 

Howard Stern
Robin Williams
Joan Rivers
Donald Trump
Russell Brand

Check them out, if you’re unfamiliar with their work, and you’ll get the idea.

People tune in, and not always because they like them.

But because they want to see what they’re going to say next. 

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, this is the key to holding your audience.

When they get a notification saying “insert your name here posted in insert the location here” they go, holy crap!

This is going to be good.

I’ll leave whatever I’m doing and take a look.

So how do you elicit that kind of response, every time? 

1: Be edgy, not mainstream
2: Be entertaining, not dull
3: Be useful, not useless

If you do that today, they’ll remember it tomorrow and give you another try.

Love you lots

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