What Are You Scared Of?

Fear is not needed

In the 21st century, there’s very little need for any of us to be scared, even on Halloween.

It’s very unlikely that we’ll be eaten by a predator, consumed by disease or have a spell dropped on us.

Why then, do many people still seem to live their lives in a perpetual state of fear?

  • Fear of trying something new
  • Fear of talking to strangers
  • Fear of setting audacious financial goals
  • Fear of asking for a sale
  • Fear of being exposed as inadequate

Fear is an redundant evolutionary hangover from the days when our lives literally hung in the balance every day. When fighting or running away was a necessary tactic for survival beyond the present moment.

But now?

Fear’s a distraction, generated purely by thought, by our ability to construct an imaginary future that doesn’t exist yet, and most likely never will. 

Get over yourself.

Fearless is the default position.


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