What did you write today?

As author Stephanie Flaxman reminded me recently, information does not equal content.

If what you’re writing is no more than we could find from a Google search or through Wikipedia, then it’s not adding any value to our lives.

If you’re lazily copying memes, quotes and articles you found somewhere else, you’re giving us no way to identify your magic sauce.

Rehashed information, opinions and news-links don’t cut any new turf with us, so we’ll get bored and move on.

Original content, by contrast, is:

  • Entertaining
  • Valuable
  • Irresistible
  • Your own voice
  • Serving your purpose
  • Building your tribe

Everyone benefits when you create great content. 

It’s kind of a mutually beneficial holy black art.

But the really good news?

It gets easier, the more you do it.

Now that’s information worth knowing.


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