What do you still need?

After a stunning #ProgrammeWeek of impact and learning, JHM members are going off to create their own programmes.

Properly built and executed, a coaching or therapy programme can form the beating heart of your business for years to come.

It can be sustainable, scalable and impactful for clients too.

In four live sessions, we covered:

  1. Why you need a programme
  2. What to put in it
  3. What to charge for it, and
  4. How to launch it

Reply to this email with “Programme” and we’ll fix a call to talk about what you still need before you launch YOUR programme. 


PS – Or, you could have your programme launched and earning money in a few weeks if you join the May intake of the Client Attraction Blueprint. Check it out, and push a call setup button so we can work out if you’ll fit. 

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