What do you want?

After just 12 months of the Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group, we’ve built a 4,000-strong community of coaches, trainers, therapists and consultants, and you’re all hungry to grow your expert businesses.

I’ve noticed a few universal truths about what you guys want and what you’re trying to get away from.

You want MORE:

  • Impact
  • Clients
  • Clarity
  • Freedom
  • Revenue

And you want LESS:

  • Hassle
  • Overwhelm
  • Information
  • Work
  • Stress

I’ve based JHM around showing you how to achieve all that, and now it’s time to take it to the next level:

On the 6th September 2018 (My Mum’s birthday!) I’ll be launching my Inner Circle, a subscription-only member’s club for only those truly serious about creating a thriving business as easily as possible.

Instead of the “normal” subscription stuff, overloading you with newsletters, members’ areas and downloadable expert “secrets”, you’ll only get ONE thing if you join the JHM Inner Circle:

A weekly LIVE coaching call with me and the other JHM Masterminds.

We’ll pick a single, powerful topic each time and there’ll be actionable insights that you can implement right away.

There will only ever be 200 places in the Inner Circle, and the waitlist is open now.

If you want to get on it, act fast as 52 places are taken already.

Rely to this email with “Waitlist” and I’ll be back in touch when the subscription platform is ready. 


That’s what we all want. isn’t it?


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