What I noticed about you

Do you know what everyone notices about you when they meet you for the first time?

I’ll tell ya.

They notice how you make them feel compared to the others they met before you showed up. 

And on social media, this means they might feel:

  • This guy’s just like all the others doing that same stuff
  • That banner looks rubbish – most others look more professional
  • That other woman seems more successful with her posts
  • The lighting on this video sucks – I’ll watch this other one instead
  • Those other people I get, instead of this blank profile with no clues about what they do

All those small pieces make up the jigsaw of who they think you are. 

And, as you know, it’s pretty hard to make them feel different once their mind is made up.

Pay full attention to how you look – how would you make you feel in their shoes? 

Love you lots

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