What I remember about you

As I steam towards 1500 consecutive Daily Brain Tattoos, I’ve been looking back at some of the early ones. 

They really weren’t so good.

Some of them even sucked.

And it occurred to me that maybe that’s how we all are, when we start out at anything.

Benchmarking other things in my life, I can see the same principle applies.

Playing music.
Being married.
Driving racing cars.
Keeping hold of money.
Not being rude to people.

Time was, I was awful at all of those things.

Whatever you’re trying to do, or to be, you don’t come hurtling out from the void of incompetence as the finished article.

Greatness comes from repetition, from working your muscles, from honing, improving and evolving.

Your early work will be not brilliant, and may be even dire.

Also, it doesn’t matter.

See, we only remember the last thing you did, not the first. 


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