What if they can’t afford you?

Here’s the news:

Nobody has a coaching budget.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, hey, I need me some coaching.

Or near enough to “nobody” that you won’t make a living if that’s your proposition.

People buy solutions. 

  • A burger is a solution to immediate hunger
  • An iPhone is a solution to social isolation
  • A light bulb is a solution to darkness
  • A divorce is a solution to mutual indifference
  • A sports car is a solution to fading self-esteem

Some of those solutions are expensive, some not so much.

And yet, people invest in all of them, all the time.

Which means some problems are widely accepted as more expensive to fix than others.

So it’s not that they can’t afford you.

It’s that they don’t regard the problem you’re solving as expensive enough to justify your price.

PRO TIP: Work on solving an expensive problem, then your solution will always be affordable. 


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