What not to be

If there is cynicism – scepticism even – about coaching it’s because it doesn’t always work, and people talk loudly when it doesn’t. Some “coaches” – and they don’t always use that title – are way better marketers than they are practitioners.

All sizzle and no sausage.
The ones who get the profession a bad name.

Snake oil vendors.
The ones who draw you in with extravagant promises, wrapped in irresistible prose that has you smitten from hello.

The ones who always seem to have a countdown timer clicking towards zero on their sales page.

The ones who make unbelievable claims about their revenue, although you’re often moved to believe them.

The ones who lure you with their 7-figure income strategies that don’t work at all when you’re still 4 or 5.

Out of touch, they are.

“The higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more of its arse you get to see.”

That’s a lovely line from my old pal Jonny Bowden which kind of fits nicely here.

Don’t trust the gooroos with your money, it says. In fact, don’t trust anyone except their satisfied customers.

And of course, let’s work to elevate revenue and impact in your own business, and across the profession.

Stop the cynics in their tracks, by being SO good they can’t criticise you.

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