What they REALLY pay you for

Getting Paid

Three years ago, a very smart lady put me to sleep, a surgeon sliced inside, fixed some stuff and sewed me back up.

(I’ll spare the details not because I’m too shy, but because you’re too squeamish.)

The bigger point is relevant to YOUR business right now, and it’s this:

I had a massive, painful issue. It had the potential to get worse and hamper my ability to keep on helping you.

Blessed as we are with the NHS, my GP gave me zero options for using the free service. Literally, they couldn’t give me a date. Could be next year, maybe the year after.

So, I paid to solve it.

Actually, I used my health insurance and paid the excess. That’s “deductible” for you American types.

But even if I hadn’t had BUPA cover these last 20 years, I’d still have gone private.

Here’s why:

  • It solved an urgent, expensive problem
  • I got to use the leading specialist I needed
  • I believed I’d have a VIP experience
  • I wanted the life I could only have with this problem solved
  • It all happened really quickly after first consulting them

All-in-all, an irresistible proposition that I’d happily have paid multi-thousands of pounds for.


Now, imagine if your clients felt like that about your proposition to them.

Look down that checklist.

How many of those 5 could you say they’re getting from you?

Love you lots

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