What’s your number?

By age 8, we can count to any number. If our lives were infinite, we could count to infinity.

No number, however large, is beyond our understanding.

Knowing that, I wonder why many coaches and therapists are unable to count past really small numbers…

  • I heard an NLP practitioner say he’d be happy with £3,000 this year – in TOTAL!
  • 80% of therapists I’ve met work exclusively 1-2-1, with no time leverage
  • A life coach told me on LinkedIn recently that she was “at capacity” and didn’t need any more clients
  • A lady who helps people with anxiety didn’t want to raise her prices as “they wouldn’t be able to afford it”
  • One guy said he didn’t trust 7-figure gurus as they “must have done something dodgy to earn so much”

Sure, numbers are just numbers.

But you have ONE life.

If any of that stuff ^^^ resonates, maybe it’s time for a recount. 


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